id Mubarak to you and your families. May Allah accept all our ibadah, sacrifices, prayers and help us benefit from blessings of the day of Arafah and the days of Eid. Ameen. In Sha Allah, We will have only one Eid gathering this year, may allah swt protect all of us. Ameen.
Here are the updates. 
Eid-ul-Adha Prayer:Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Assembly & Takbeerat :- 7:30 AM
Prayer :- 8:00 AM
Led by Imam Saad Palwala
Followed by English and Arabic Khutbah
COVID guidelines:

  1. Mandatory mask for all kids and unvaccinated people
  2. Amid Delta variant spreading, We recommend all the musalli who are hesitant to attend large crowd gatherings, to wear masks
  3. Please come with Wudu from home.
  4. Food is not allowed within the premises
  5. Please return to home immediately after the completion of salah and do not socialize at ICMC

Parking Instructions:

  1. Do not park at the TESLA parking lot; Business is active so it is a TOW ZONE
  2. Please coordinate with the volunteers; They are trained to guide the crowd towards Non Tow Zones
  3. Allowed Parking Facilities: 35 slots at ICMC parking are reserved for Elderly people, Physically challenged and Women only drivers. So, we recommend the following options first 
    • Bloomington Tennis Center (Second Big Half towards the dumpster, First half is a tow zone)
    • Road side parking across the street (Other Side of mailbox)
    • Game Time Gym

Kids Treat:


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